Butea monosperma(Flame of the Forest)


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Commonly known as Porasam in South India and Palas in North India is a medium sized tree of 20-30 feet height. Irregular branches makes it attractive at full bloom between January to March. Though flowers are scentless, the entire canopy will be filled with orange flowers as if the tree is burning. The flower also has a curved parrot beak shaped keel making it attractive. As it is rich in nectar attracts birds and bees. It is also used for making Holi colours and fabric dyes. The tree is considered sacred by Theravada Buddhists and Hindus.
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Grow flame-of-the-forest in a sunny, tropical location. Deep, fertile soil that isn't too alkaline is best. Enrich the soil with organic matter and add surface mulch. This species responds favorably to fertilizer through the warm summer rainy season. Let the soil become drier to encourage leaf drop by the start of winter. Plant this tree as a specimen in a mixed grove of trees that hide its awkward habit but give its flowers full visability. Tropical storm winds wreak havoc on the flame-of-the-forest, so plant where high winds are not a problem. The tree is very drought resistant and frost hardy, although the leaves turn white and fall off. It can thrive in area where annual rainfall is 450-4500 mm. It grows on very wide variety of soils including shallow, gravelly sites, black cotton soil, clay loam and even saline or waterlogged soils. Seedlings thrive best on a rich loamy soil with pH 6-7 under high temperature and relative humidity. Morphology It is an erect, medium-sized, 12-15 m high, deciduous tree with a crooked trunk and irregular branches. It grows slowly and attains a height of about 5 to 8 m and diameter of about 20 to 40 cm when it matures at the age of about 50 years or so.
Weight of the Item 1.00
Temperature Drought Tolerant
Soil Acidic, Neutral, Well Drained, Loam, Sand,
sunlight Full Sun, Partial Sun
Water Average Water
Height of the Item 1.0 Ft
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer
Bloom Time February to April.
In The Box One Plant without Pot

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