Cassia fistula


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  • It is a medium sized deciduos tree, with an oval to rounded shape, 5 to 15 metre in height.

  • Cassia fisstula tree is well known for its impressive yellow flowers that cover the entire canopy.

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  • This Plant does not do well in drought conditions.Therefore, the Supply of water should be looked properly, to ensure proper growth of the plant.
  • The Golden Shower plant is an easy growining plant. The prerequistes to grow this plant are simple.
  • It cannot survive in a cold atmoshphere.
  • As it is a large sized shrub, it needs a lot of space to grow. It is more suitable to grow this plant in the outdoors or in a garden.
  • It is also known by the name Amaltus. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae and kingdom of Plantae.
  • It is native to the greater parts of the Indian Subcontinent and other Southern parts of Asia.
  • Its flower is the state flower of Kerala, India.It is also the National tree of Thailand.
  • It is generally found in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.
color Yellow
Weight of the Item 1
Temperature Drought Tolerant
Soil The ideal soil for planting a Golden Shower plant should be Acidic in nature.The soil should also be well drained.
sunlight Being a tropical plant, the Golden Shower loves the sun.Bright full sunlight helps the plant thrive and grows.
Water Average Water
Height of the Item 1.0 Ft
Fertilizer Fertilising the plant once a year, during its growth, should be enough for the plant's survival.
Bloom Time Spring
In The Box One Plant without Pot

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