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Ixora is a tropical to semi-tropical evergreen shrub that is suitable for landscapes. The plant is often grown as an annual in temperate and cooler climates. Ixora shrubs are known for their large corymbs of bright florets. The large flower clusters come in red, orange, yellow and pink, and it’s also known as jungle flame and flame of the woods. Minimal maintenance is needed when growing an Ixora bush.

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Ixora plant care is negligible, which makes it useful as part of the low maintenance landscape. Annual spring pruning and fertilizing will enhance the plant’s health. Some diseases that are common are fungal, Spider mites and aphids but can be minimized by suspending overhead watering. A good spraying pesticide will do the job.

Although ixora doesn't suffer much damage from insects or diseases, it can be plagued by aphids or scales, which in turn cause sooty mold to develop on leaves. Wash off the tiny green aphids or brown scales with a strong spray from your hose; release natural predators, such as ladybugs, or apply insecticidal soap as directed on the package. If your plant appears to have stunted growth or wilted leaves, nematodes may be eating its roots under the soil. Try adding a thick layer of mulch on the soil to discourage the bugs.

Water only the root to prevent the foliage from getting wet. Keep the soil evenly moist and prune the plant when it gets unruly.

While it doesn't require any pruning, Ixora can be pruned to control its size or shape at any time. Cut back the oldest and biggest stems a few inches from the ground to reduce the size of the plant without changing its natural shape, and remove any branches that have been damaged by cold temperatures or that grow in out-of-the-way places.

Ixora plants in containers requires re-potting every two to three years. Bring the shrubs indoors if any frost is predicted. The plants are extremely tender and will succumb to freezing temperatures.

Ixora responds well to shearing and makes an excellent low hedge with its 4 to 6 foot height. Propagation of the shrub is through stem cuttings which can be rooted with the help of a rooting hormone.

color Pink
Temperature If winter temperatures drop to freezing, ixora may lose some leaves and smaller branches or may die back to the ground altogether. You can wait until spring for the plant to come back, or move your plant indoors.
sunlight The best floral displays are produced by Ixora grown in full sun situations. Ixora blooms best and grows more densely with full, direct sun for most of the day, but it also likes partial shade in the hottest climates.
Soil Well-drained soil and moderate to slightly acidic pH are crucial to growing an Ixora bush. The plant develops chlorosis when installed in alkaline soils.
Water Water the plant regularly, with a deep soaking about once a week and less during the winter, and keep the soil moist but not dripping wet. Ixora also prefers high humidity, so place its pot on a tray of wet pebbles if you grow the plant indoors.
Fertilizer Like many plants, ixora prefers slightly acidic soil. If your plant's leaves look yellowish, the plant may need a fertilizer with a high nitrogen or a top layer of an acidic mulch such as pine needles or bark. Ixora also likes soil with lots of organic ma
Bloom Time Summer
Height of the Item 1.0 Ft
In The Box One Plant without Pot
Disclaimer The image is for reference purpose only. Actual plant may vary from the image shown as it is a natural plant and will vary piece to piece.

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