Pilea cadierei (aluminum plant)

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Pilea houseplants are a member of the family Urticaceae and are found in tropical regions of the world, predominantly in Southeast Asia. Most varieties of Pilea have striking variegated foliage of raised silver on deep green leaves.

Growing aluminum plants (Pilea cadierei) is easy and will add additional appeal to the home with pointed leaves splashed in a metallic silver. 

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These plants are evergreens, which have a small insignificant flower, and grow from 6 to 12 inches in height. They have a spreading habitat, which can be fostered depending on its supporting structure. Generally, Pilea plants are grown in hanging baskets; however, when grown outdoors, they look lovely cascading over a wall or as a ground cover in suitable zones.

Artillery plant (Pilea serpyllacea) is a popular Pilea variety grown as a houseplant. Some additional varieties of Pilea useful for their low growing habitat and lush green spreading foliage are as follows:

P. serpyllacea

P. nummulariifolia

P. depressa

All varieties of Pilea are cold sensitive and are susceptible to mealybugs, spider mites, leaf spots and stem rot.

Taking care of a Pilea aluminum plant indoors requires well-drained potting soil and evenly moistened medium. For the most optimal success growing aluminum plants, check the plant daily and water as necessary when the soil surface appears dry. Take care to remove any excess standing water from the saucer and maintain a medium amount of light exposure.

Discount More than 40%
Temperature Indoor Plant, can not sustain direct sun light
sunlight During the summer months, Pilea houseplants should be grown in partial shade and then during winter moved to a well lit area.
Soil Well drained sandy soil
Water Don't overwater the plant as it would cause root rot.
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer every 5-6 weeks
Height of the Item 1.0 Ft
In The Box One Plant without Pot
Disclaimer The image is for reference purpose only. Actual plant may vary from the image shown as it is a natural plant and will vary piece to piece.

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